Review to season 2017: World Supersport

Year and season 2018 are just around the corner, so what could be better time to take that one last look back to Kallio Racing’s season 2017 in World Supersport. 

We asked team manager Vesa Kallio bunch of questions and this is what he replied:

1. What was behind the big move for the team to go all in and race a team for a full season in World Supersport class in World Superbike series?
Vesa: ”In 2016 season already my dad Hannu and I took a big financial risk when we decided to race three wild card races with Niki in the World Supersport class. Many people thought the idea was crazy, but we believed in it and the outcome was better than anyone could have expected: Niki was on the podium in each of those races. That’s when we also started to think that maybe we should take on the massive challenge of racing the team in World Supersport class in 2017. And decided to do so. The work load during the season has been surprisingly big, and I should be happy just for us being able to race the whole season, but we did it with pretty good results too.”

2. What were your expectations on the results before the season start?
Vesa: ”I believed we can be fighting for the top positions, and even for the world championship.”

3. If you look at the season from the purely team’s functionality point-of-view, how did everything go?
Vesa: ”Our first full season in the world championship level brought along loads of new things and also surprises. Organizing such a large number of people set its challenges for example. But I’m very happy we kept our eye on the prize and always made technical side work and were competitive throughout all season.”

4. Team’s race and final world championship standings, how would you comment those? 
Vesa: ”It was great to see and experience both riders climbing to the highest podium and winning the race. And ofcourse it was very exciting until the very last race for us, when Sheridan was fighting for the riders’ world championship medal. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it.”

5. Lots of lessons learned, would you like to point out one particular?
Vesa: ”Each day brought along new things and learnings. But perhaps one of the most important one was that every little detail has to be in place if you want to succeed. The differences on the top are tiny, there is no room for error if you want to be number one.”

6. The most memorable moment?
Vesa: ”The very first race victory for the team by Sheridan in Lausitzring, Germany.”

7. New season 2018 ahead, what are your thoughts regarding?
Vesa: ”It ius much easier starting point for the season than we had this year – now we already know how things work, what we should do differently and where we should improve. It will be very interesting season I’m certain, looking forward to the start.”

8. And the last words of Kallio Racingin season 2017?
Vesa: ”I would specifically like to thank the team members for the work well done and the long hours spent in making all this happen. Another special thanks goes to our partners and sponsors, without whom we would not be here. And last, but not least, I would like to thank the families, friends, fans and followers for their support, which made it possible for all of us being here and doing this.”

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