Review to season 2017: Kallio Racing in World Supersport 300

The success of Kallio Racing in World Supersport class overshadowed the team’s participation to the smaller class World Supersport 300.  Hence we went back to team manager Vesa Kallio and the two riders, Kimi Patova and Renzo Ferreira, to ask how did they perceive the class, the season and what’s in stock for the future.

Vesa Kallio, how would you describe the World Supersport 300 2017 season for Kallio Racing?
”WorldSSP300 class was a new class to World Superbike this season, added as the junior world championship or the series. There were many riders in the class, their age split was quite wide and in the beginning of the season the differences between the riders were quite substantial. However as the season grew older that gap was narrowing a lot and in the last races all 36 young riders were ready to fight for the world championship points.” Kallio says. ”Our riders in this class, Finnish Kimi Patova and Brazilian Renzo Ferreira, were both 15-year-olds  when the season started, hence the youngsters amongst the riders in the class. It was quite a leap to World Championships from the local series the boys had been riding the previous seasons. And looking back, yes, maybe it would have been beneficial to focus more in guys training before and during the season, and also if the riders themselves could have been focusing more into improving and developing the personal skills, and via that gain even more self-confidence for the races.” Kallio reflects.

How would you describe Renzo’s season, Vesa?
”He had a very difficult season. He was putting a lot of pressure on himself,  and that showed on the races as uneven performances. At the times the riding looked very good and others when it looked like the touch was disappearing somewhere. The season highlight for Renzo was undoubtly in Alastaro Finnish championships in Finland where he dominated and wan everything there was to win. I only hoped such performances would have also been possible in the world championship races.” Kallio sums up.


Renzo, what would you like to say about your season?
“The WSSP300 class was amazing, the level of competition there was really high and everybody in this category was fast, I really liked to be part of the WSSP300 this year and I am looking forward to watch the races from the following season. The season over all was good because I had so much to learn from Kallio Racing, the bike and the category, although it was a really tuff season for me and my team, but I really liked to be part of this whole competition. Being part of the Yamaha BLUCRU challenge was the best thing that happened to me on this last season, it was a great opportunity for me, especially because they helped me so much with the parts and hospitality, I just want to say a big thank to Yamaha BLUCRU! Now that I have a big break I am totally focused for next year and for next season, I am going to be much more prepared fiscally and mentally for when the season start and next year will definitely be a good season.”


How was Kimi’s season, Vesa?
”Kimi’s best races were in Assen, The Netherlands and the last race of the season in Jerez, Spain. Assen was a track where Kimi already had some experince on, so that was giving him a good boost for pace and confidence to make it all the way up to 11th position in the final standings and rewarded him with 5 World championship points. Last race in Jerez was a good indicator of the development Kimi made throughout the season. The final race standing didn’t earn him any additional world championship points, but it was a good race from Kimi, and even more so when put into a context that the track is the home track for many of the fellow riders.” Kallio points out.


So Kimi, what is your take on to the season?
“In the first races I was surprised by the aggressive riding. Quite different to that I was used to. So all and all the season gave me a lot of valuable experience on riding and racing and many other things too. I got to ride on many new tracks and having an opportunity to ride on such a high level was simply great. During Yamaha BLUCRU challenge I got to know many new riders, made new friends and, of course, the Master camp on Valentino Rossi’s ranch was the highlight of the season. During the upcoming winter I’m focusing on building my physics, and sure thing I will be riding motocross, endure and do lots of ice racing. Other than that, I don’t know yet. The negotiations on season 2018 are still ongoing.” Kimi tells.


Any final words, team manager Vesa Kallio?
”I would like to thank both Kimi and Renzo for the season 2017. It was lots of hard work, also great experinces and priceless moments to remember for the rest of our lives. I wish nothing but the very best to both of the guys, and good luck for the future challenges what and where ever they are!”

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