52 Patrick Hobelsberger

How old am I?

-I'm 25 years old

I was born in?

-Landau in Germany

My riding number and why?

-My riding number is normally 521, because my dad had it in the past also, but I have to use 52 as it is not allowed to use more than 2 numbers in WSS

When I'm not on the bike or at the track, I like to?

-I'm most of the time on the bicycle on the road or on the MTB climbing some hills.

I rode a motorbike for the first time?

-With the age of 4 yo just for fun

I started riding motorbikes because?

-Because it's a lot of fun and it still is the best thing on earth

If I wasn't a motorbike rider, I would be?

-I would probably be in the military as jet or heli pilot

My favorite track is?

-Most and Barcelona

The best thing about motorbiking is?

-Adrenaline and the feeling after a good race

My idol?

-My idol is my dad, not really for the sports but for the general things of life

In the season 2022 my goal is?

-My goal is to start strong as possible and keep it through the whole year and to finish in Most or Barcelona on the podium #stayhungry

Greetings to my fans and followers

-Dont matter what you are doing, stay focused, stay hungry and keep working because hard work pays off, always!