84 Loris Cresson

-Date of Birth?



-I was born?

Braine-L'Alleud (Belgium)


-Nick name and how I got it?

Thor is my race nick name because I'm always strong in race,
In my personal life it is Lolo.


-My Family members?

My parents & sister.


-When I’m not on the bike or at the track, I like to?

Train in gym but also working on my bikes, seeing friends and some playstation.


-I rode a motorbike for the first time?

I born on a bike! But the first time I went on track was 2009.


-I started riding motorbikes because?

My father did the MX500 World Championship and belgium championship, also 13th time the " Le Touquet enduro" and my mom family has always been in motorcycle also so it was like an evidence!


-If I wasn’t a motorbike rider I would be?

Probably personal trainer or business man!


-My favorite track is?



-The best thing about motorbiking is?

The adrenaline about the races and trying the be the best each time you jump on the bike!


-In season 2019 my goal is?

Top 8 in the championship and doing my best every races.


-My ultimate goal as a motorbike racer?

Being World Champion.


-My best tip to those who want to become motorbike racers?

Always trust yourself and work hard everyday with good people around you.


-Greetings to all the fans and followers?

Thanks for the follow it's help us lot to see so many people following us and see you on track !!